Mystic Yoga

Mystic Yoga Master Class
with Holly & Howl

Mantras, breath work, chakra cleansing, postures, movement, kundalini, tantra, & anatomy.

Mystic Yoga is a practice that has been developed exclusively for the Institute of Awesome. We manipulate our energetic and physical bodies to enhance our magical practice. You may have taken yoga before, but you’ve never experienced something like this!

Dive into the practices of Tantra and Kundalini. Learn to cycle your energy and not give away your power. Increase your flexibility of the spine and the mind as we explore how ancient techniques can enhance our modern world.

In the Master Class, you will learn the optimal poses to strengthen your magic and improve all aspects of your life. Each pose unlocks each chakra until your energetic body is aligned with your physical body.

You will learn mantras and breathwork that connect you to the divine. These ancient words and songs establish relationships with deities and energies. We will also teach you how to craft you own personalized mantra that fits your magical goals.

ALL body types and experience levels are encouraged!

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