8 Week Series

Path of the Mystic
With Holly & Howl

Week 1 – Multicultural Magick
This first week is getting to know each other and a “how to” on building your own magickal practice by bringing together traditions from all over the globe. Discuss how to best set up altars, use magickal tools and prepare yourself for energetic change in your life. We will also work on aura cleansing and energetic shielding, so that we can move forward successfully as a group.

Week 2 – Shamanism
Journey into the Shamanic realm and explore the worlds of self-discovery and dreamwork. Learn how to access your totem spirits and ask for guidance. Examine the traditions of Native American, Siberian and Australian Aboriginal Shamans.

Week 3 – Priestess & Priest
Discover what it means to be devoted to a particular deity or group of deities. Induce into a trance state to find an/or connect with the deity who calls out to you the most at this place in your life. Examine the traditions of Egyptian Cults, Greek Oracles and Yoruba Practitioners.

Week 4 – Agony & Ecstasy
How can you push your physical self to a place of connection with the divine? Experiment with sensory stimulation, including sound bath & temperature flux, to see what physical changes enhance your energetic self. Examine the traditions of Sufi Mystics, Buddhist Ascetics and modern BD/sm Kinksters.

Week 5 – Middle Way
Find the peace and calm that comes with establishing balance inside yourself. Discover the connection between your Jade Palace and Red Cinnabar Fields. Clear your mind through traditional Zazen mediation. Learn the balanced structure of the Tree of Life. Examine the traditions of Taoism, Zen Buddhism, and Kabalistic Judaism.

Week 6 – Body Modification
Altering your body, both permanently and temporarily, can bring you to a higher state of connection with the divine and affect change in the world. Learn how to create sigils and draw them on your body to attract and repel different energies. Discuss why there so many deities missing eyes, tusks, limbs, etc. Examine the traditions of Maori tattoo, Malaysian piercing festivals and Masai scarification.

Week 7 – Sex Magick
How can we use sex to manifest our power into the world and create change within ourselves? We will talk about the power of masturbation, multi-person sex, intentional sex and sex spells. Fair warning: the homework may be more fun than the class itself! Examine the traditions of Hindu Kundalini, English Victorian ceremonialism, and ancient Greek sacred whores.

Week 8 – Divination
Seeing possible futures and becoming a conduit for prognostication is one of the most sought after abilities in the world. Discover which divinatory tools speak most to you and how you can use them to become a Seer. Get to play with pendulums, cards, runes, scrying bowls, dowsing rods, and more. Examine the traditions of Norse runes, Persian scrying, and European tarot.

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