Spellcraft Master Class
with Holly & Howl

Oils, potions, candles, wards, & sigils.

Do you want to understand how real magick works? Learn to manifest your intention through the arcane, yet very practical, methods of spellcraft.

Want to make more money, or fall in love, or communicate with the dead? All of these things are possible with the tips and tricks that we will teach you, based on our many years of experience.

For example, you will learn to use magickal wards to protect yourself on a daily basis. We will create physical keys that you can place in your home to ward your personal space. This will create safety and prosperity for your home. Your life will improve with this magick.

This is not just a lecture class. Prepare yourself for hands on magickal experience. All levels of experience are welcome and all materials are included (there are lots of materials!).

P.S. Your friends might think that you are more mysterious if you take this class. The truth is, you will be!

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