Shamanism Master Class

Guided meditations & crafting personal dream catchers, rattles, smudge sticks and sachets.

Journey into the Shamanic realm and explore the worlds of self-discovery and dreamwork. Enter our sanctuary of healing with life long Shamans guiding you as you deepen your practice. Learn new techniques for communicating with your totem and spirit guides.

Class will include two journeys, after which we will be crafting unique ritual objects that you can use in your own working. We also replenish our bodies with food and drink. All materials are included in the price of the class.

Our first journey sinks down the dream waters into the Chthonic. There you will connect with your totemic animal guides. This specific method has been developed by Howl over the last twenty years and is one that he uses in his personal Shamanic practice. His own totem guide, the wolf, will protect us in our quest.

When we return to our bodies, we will craft our own unique dream catchers, inspired by the experiences with our totem animals. We will also create herbal sachets that will help us access the dream realm while we sleep. Food and drink will be provided.

Our second journey travels up the world tree to the Celestial. Here we will communicate with ancestors and ascended masters. Those who have gone before us have great wisdom to share. Holly bears the mantle of Owl Woman, and works with spirits in the shadowy place between life and death. She will help to invite and welcome those that wish to communicate with you.

Once we are firmly back in our corporeal selves, Holly will help you interpret the messages that you received. We will craft sacred rattles and smudge wands that will assist us in calling and blessing the spirits in our own practice. Food and drink will again be provided.

The goal of this Master Class is to help you learn how to integrate journeys and ritual items into your daily life. All experience levels are welcome! For those just starting out in their Shamanic work, find which totem and spirit guides are trying to contact you. For the experienced Shaman, we offer a safe space in which to challenge yourself and deepen your practice.